9'6" Big Boy Longboard

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9'6" Big Boy Longboard


Data specs
Length: 9'6" / 290 cm
Width: 28" / 71 cm
Thickness: 3.85" / 9.8 cm
Volume: 130 L
Fin set-up: FCS Dolphin 10" + FCS M5
Shaper: Peter Pan
Made in: France

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The 9'6 Big Boy is a big volume longboard designed for big boy (and girl !) surfers. With an easy pick up and take off, you can surf the waves with ease thanks to its feather weight, even noseriding the seemingly smallest waves. This light but super-strong board is a great option for beginners looking for long term value : you can learn all the surf basics on this, the easiest (along with the 9' DURA-TEC) in our surfboard range, then use it ever after as a 4x4 longboard. Top surf fun always available.